The Swimmers Diet

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Welcome To The First Step In Getting Healthier And Losing Weight Permanently

What's The Catch? There is no "Catch." If you successfully follow even the most basics of the Swimmers Diet, you will be able to gain control of your weight and your health!

Do I Have To Take Pills? No there are no pills to take.

Am I required to buy special food? No we don't sell food, and don't require you to buy any special branded diet products.

What is the cost? I am doing this to help others, there is presently no cost.

Why is it called the Swimmers Diet? I am a competitive Masters Swimmer, it seemed logical, and swimming plays an important part of my health and ability to maintain weight.

So why did you start the Swimmers Diet site? After successfully losing 65 pounds, and having a lot of people ask me how I was able to do it. Not only that, because I had lowered my percentage of body fat by so much, it looked like I had lost even more than the 65 pounds of weight.

What clothes size did you wear before, and after? When I was 230 pounds, my (pants size) waist was 40 inches, now it is 30 inches.

Is the Swimmers Diet a high protein diet? No.

Is the Swimmers Diet a high carb diet? No.

Does the Swimmers Diet involve eating only a limited type of foods? No there is a broad spectrum of foods that are acceptable.

Is there a danger in becoming anorexic? Well honestly a lot of people had thought I was becoming anorexic. My ability to lose weight almost at will, and keep it off was dramatic to the people around me. Not only that, but the high percentage of body fat was going down rapidly, even though my weight had not dropped that much. Visibly to others, it looked like I was much thinner week by week. I was thinner, leaner, more fit, and more muscular.

Has the Swimmers Diet helped your  own illnesses? Yes without question, physically I am much better able to cope with my rheumatoid arthritis and asthma because of the change in my diet. Add to that walking around with the 65 pounds less weight is a lot easier on my knees, hips, ankles, and feet!

Have you been able to keep the weight off? Yes with the Swimmers Diet it is very difficult to gain massive amounts of weight back. I can catch myself before I have gained a big lump of weight, simply because it comes on a lot more slowly than it did before, even if I go on vacation, and am not doing any exercise!

What is the problem with other diets? You lose the weight, then you gain it back.

Is it true that most people who go on diets gain all of the weight that they had lost, within one year? Yes, studies have shown that most people gain all of the weight which they had lost plus add FIVE to TEN extra pounds for good measure!

Is the Swimmers Diet different, will I gain all that weight back again? Yes the Swimmers Diet philosophy is much much different. I feel you are better off simply losing five pounds and keeping it off, rather than if you quickly lose 25 pounds, then gain back 30 pounds a year later. If you lose five pounds and keep it off you are further ahead in the long run.

Do I have to count calories on the Swimmers Diet? No, I don't encourage counting calories on everything you eat, you can if you want to, but it ultimately does not serve a purpose on the Swimmers Diet.

Are there other components to the Swimmers Diet other than just what you eat? YES there are some other very important components to the Swimmers Diet which do not involve what you eat.

Will these other non-diet components of the Swimmers Diet program help me lose weight and improve my overall health? Yes and yes!