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My Weight Problems

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    I think as a young person, I developed bad eating habits. As a young person, my diet was less than ideal. I swam competitively, and while I was swimming up to 12 times per week, I swam, went to school, ate, and slept. When I stopped swimming in grade 12, I simply took the swimming out of the equation. That is: go to school, eat, sleep. It was a very short time, as I began to gain weight up to 225 pounds. About 5 years after I graduated, I decided to get back in the water. I was told by an orthopedic surgeon, who had performed shoulder surgery on me, that I was finished as far as swimming was concerned. I ignored this and fortunately getting back in the water, helped me burn off the calories down to about 177 lbs, and for several years I was able to hang around 180 lbs.

Right, here I am at over 235 pounds
Here I am (middle) topped out at 235 Pounds!! I barely fit
into my pants and shirt

    As I got older, like a lot of people my metabolic rate was slowing, and the calories were not burning off as fast. My eating habits had never changed, and in fact were getting worse. The weight was slowly climbing again 185 lbs became the norm, then 190lbs. Soon I had broken the 200 pounds barrier again. I always thought that I could lose the weight, then rheumatoid arthritis reared it's ugly head. I had to stop swimming, and my weight ballooned to 235 pounds! back where I was before, plus 5 to 10 pounds extra for good measure!